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Why I'm no Longer on Twitter/X

First things first... I'll say upfront that I'm not a fan of Elon Musk. This rant has nothing to do with Elon Musk, except for only (likely his) decisions in regards of changes he has made to Twitter/X (whatever what he's calling it now-a-days).


Debugging Cordova Apps

Being able to debug applications is critical for developing software. Learn how to identify the cause of bugs in your Cordova application.

Getting an A+ Rating on SSL Labs

Security is important, and needs to be revisit on a frequent basis to ensure that your technology stack stays up to standard. Read more on how to configure your webserver to serve HTTPS properly.

Developing an Cordova App as a Team

Solo development has it's benefits, but sometimes a job calls for more than one developer working on the application. Learn everything you need to know about the cordova project structure and how to share your project across different environments.

Authenticating Users Using JWT

JSON Web Tokens are bits of information that is tamper-proof, which allows you to use them for authenticating users. The information you store can be guarenteed to be not manipulated by the client. Read more to learn more about JWT!


Understanding Geolocation Accuracy

Geolocation accuracy is something you should program for. You should also expect problems and program appropriate user feedback. GPS technologies is awesome, but they are also many variables that will be outside of your control that can cause poor user experiences. Read more to find out how to handle common geolocation problems!

Enabling CORS

Now that Apple is enforcing WKWebView on all applications, there is a whole lot more talk on these strange problems with using XHR or ajax requests. They no longer work! Why? Because of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Read more to find out how to configure your infrastructure to be WKWebView friendly!