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Norman Breau is an IT professional with over 10 years of field experience. He has a wide range of skill sets, ranging from web & software development & architecture, to Server & Database administration. Presently he works at TotalPave where he plays a lead role in software projects as well as manages the server infrastructure.

On his own time, he volunteers to some open source projects, namely Apache Cordova, as many projects throughout his career were dependent on the Cordova project. Open source projects works the best when there are volunteers that depend on such software is able to contribute in some form.

Additionally, he has been working on a newer project called Fuse, a framework for building native-web hybrid mobile applications. The framework intends to fill a void somewheres between CapacitorJS and pure native development. Fuse is simply just a native library, with a bundleable webview JS API. Unlike Cordova and CapacitorJS, Fuse is more tailored to native developers, who want to still utilise the webview for their application's UI but retain full control over the native project and native code. The only requirement is that Fuse needs to be installed in the application along with a compatible Fuse JS runtime. Fuse offers the webview and a bridging API that natively supports binary and is incredibly fast.

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